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Moya is a leading water desalination and water re-use services company focusing on delivering water supply solutions, waste water treatment & reuse solutions, project development & investment, construction, project management, and O&M services in the  Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) and Middle East.

Moya and its operating companies are currently the largest private desalination companies in Jeddah and second largest in KSA.

Founders of Moya pioneered the use of BOO and BOT schemes for water desalination projects in KSA, and has since developed many such projects in KSA and elsewhere. Along with reputed associates, Moya founders created the flagship project in Saudi Arabia, which is the first privately owned seawater desalination plant (Kindasa) which supplies desalinated water to the Industrial zones south of Jeddah area.

Over the years, founders of Moya have worked in partnership with many global water industry players in various roles on projects totaling over 1 million m3/day and secured long term water production contracts on (BOO/BOT) of desalinated and water treatment of around 400,000 m3/day.

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