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Business Heritage

Moya and its founders have been in the water industry for over 40 years with active involvements in most of the industry’s segments. Moya founding member, Dr. Adil Bushnak is a global water authority and one of the early promoters of desalination in the region. 

  • 1970     Promoting Reverse Osmosis technology in the GCC region.
  • 1975     Formed Land Sea Transport Company (LSTCO)
  • 1979     Formed Al-Thara Soil Testing, JV with STS Inc. of USA
  • 1978     Formed Al-Mishkah Consulting, JV with Sverdrup Corporation
  • 1979     Launch of first desalination & waste water treatment Co.  in Saudi Arabia/Middle east called  Al-Kawther industries
  • 1983     Created the International Desalination Association (IDA) along with International experts and organization
  • 1985     Partnership with DuPont,USA to establish Water Membrane manufacturing Co.
  • 1987     Dr. Adil Bushnak nominated as first Arab president of IDA
  • 1989     Formed of Dar Al-Taqniya consulting
  • 1990     Formed Behar formation, first initiative to use salt water directly for commercial irrigation
  • 1991     Formed Water Environmental Services Company 
  • 1993     Establishment Shada Industrial Construction Services in partnership with Doosan
  • 1994     Pioneered implementation of Energy Recovery Devices (Turbo charger) in SWRO  plant at Durrat Al-Aroos project
  • 1995     Pioneered to test high efficiency energy recovery device Pressure Exchanger
  • 1996     Promoting Membrane Bio Reactor (MBR) for waste water treatment & reuse in the region
  • 1998     Launch of first private SWRO plant for water supply, "Kindasa Water Services",  with business partners
  • 1999     Pioneered to use the first high recovery (50%) in SWRO plant design at Narippayur, India
  • 2000     Pioneered use of UF membrane for seawater application in KSA. Pilot test was done to demonstrate the feasibility.
  • 2005     Launch of Bushnak/DAT Academy to provide professional training courses for global experts in the water industry.
  • 2005     Organized first Water and Power Forum in KSA, the Saudi Water and Power Forum SWPF.
  • 2005     Establishment of AWWS and associated plants formation in partnership with Amiwater
  • 2006     Formed Water Environmental Saudia Services Co (Saudia City) in collaboration with Kindasa water services.
  • 2006     Promoted social efforts to use Treated Sewage Effluent water for non-potable and agricultural usage.
  • 2006     Formed Bushnak Pallava in India
  • 2007     Secured first BOT project for supplying 10,000 m3/day potable water to Saudi Arabian Airlines City
  • 2008     First to test pretreatment chemical free seawater RO operation
  • 2009     Creation of Moya Holding, amalgamation and establishment of Moya Bushnak
  • 2010     First to test large diameter (18 inch) seawater RO membranes in Saudi Arabia.
  • 2011     Secured BOT project of 7,500 m3/day to supply potable water to Al-Buhairat City & external clients
  • 2012     Formed South East Europe Investment Co (SEIC)
  • 2013     Secured BOO project for supplying 15,000 m3/day potable water to Tawzea company through Kindasa company
  • 2014     Formed Moya Ewan for utility services (Potable water supply & distribution, waste water treatment

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