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Moya signed a long term potable water supply agreement (Built Own Operate - BOT) with Saudi Airlines to manage and supply water supply to all of Saudia City located at Khalidiya District in Jeddah. Moya formed a consortium along with Kindasa Water Services Co., named as Water & Environmental Saudia Services Company (WESSCO) to operate this project.

This full project was developed, designed and completely managed by the Moya. Most of the potable water goes to Saudia City and remaining water is being sold by tankers to external clients. Moya utilized this site to pilot test state-of-the-art desalination technologies that carry a national benefit the KSA water industry.

This SWRO plant is considered, one the most environmentally friendly desalination plants in the region. It is designed efficiently with one of the lowest specific energy consumption rates in the whole region of < 2.5 kwhr/m3. In addition, Moya is not using any pretreatment chemicals in the process, which helps make the project more environmentally friendly.

This facility supplies many of the residential towers and prime real estate projects around it in the Corniche area via pipeline and water tankers to help meet the areas continuous growth.

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