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Bohairat City

This is a Build Own Operate Transfer-BOT, is a 20 years project inside the Bohairat City located in Abhor, North of Jeddah. The project was commissioned in year 2012 with a starting capacity of 5,000 M3/day and quickly expanded to 7,500 m3/day. Bohairat City is supplied with 1,000 - 1,500 m3/day of potable water and the rest is being sold to external clients through trucks. This plant supplies potable water to many of the residential and industrial projects in the Abhor and Dhaban area (North Jeddah).

Bohairat city plant is fully owned, designed, built, constructed, commissioned, operated and managed by Moya. Bohairat city plant has a highly efficient water intake system where all of the feed water coming into the plant is from beach wells. This efficient design improves the project environmental foot print making it more environmentally friendly plant.

Bohairat city plant is considered one the most environmentally friendly desalination plants in the region, as no chemical is used in the pretreatment process.

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