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Environmental Initiatives

Moya is a firm believer of the importance of environmental sustainability and managing plants with the least environmental footprint and reducing pollution.

Moya minimizes the consumption of pretreatment chemicals to the maximum possible extent or totally eliminates it by efficient design of intake and pretreatment system. SWRO plants use pretreatment chemicals like ferric chloride, sulphuric acid and antiscalant, which increase the O&M cost as well as the pollutes the seawater as it is indirectly dumped into the sea along with brine and filter back wash water. Elimination of these chemicals reduces the pollutants that affect the marine species and avoids the undesirable effect to the humans exposed to seawater.

WESSCO plant and Bohairat Plant are operated with ZERO pretreatment chemicals.

Inefficient selection of pumps, membranes, energy recovery devices and electrical drives increase the specific power consumption of desalination plants. Increased power consumption increases the greenhouse gas emissions and the environmental foot print of plants. Moya ensures the plant and process design with energy efficient electro-mechanical equipment and membranes to minimize power consumption.

WESSCO plant has a RO specific power consumption as < 2.5 kwh/m³ (with feed water TDS of 40,000 mg/l) compared to KSA SWRO plant’s average RO process power consumption of 4.0 Kwh/m³ of water. Bohairat Plant’s RO process power consumption is 3.2 kwh/m³ with feed water TDS of 46,000 mg/l.

Metallic equipment/piping/valves used in SWRO plants are subject to corrosion by the seawater handled by them. Heavy metals in the corrosion products like Iron, Chromium, Nickel, Molybdenum, etc.  are discharged in to the sea along with brine returned to sea from SWRO plants. Moya ensures that most superior corrosion resistant material available in the industry, ‘Super Duplex Stainless Steel’, is used in High Pressure Piping, Pumps and valves and non-metallic pumps/valves and piping are used in low pressure piping to minimize/avoid corrosion thereby minimizing the sea water pollution by corrosion products.

RO Chemical cleaning solution is neutralized before discharged in to the sea; it carries some of the foulants/scale cleaned from the membranes, which pollutes the sea water. Moya ensures minimum cleaning in a year by efficient design of intake and pretreatment system. This not only add value to the environmental compliance, but also reduce the O&M cost and increases plant availability.

Moya is looking into innovative ways to increase the brine utilization and reduce the amount of reject water which is dumped back into the sea.

Moya team was active in both the Misk Lake drying project as well as KAUST’s treated water social survey.

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