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New Technologies

At Moya, we always try to stay ahead of the market and introduce the next game changing technologies.

Over the years, Moya team played a leading role in introducing the following new technologies to water industry in GCC region:

  • Reverse Osmosis Technology (RO) in 1970
  • Efficient energy recovery devices like Turbo Charger and Pressure exchanger
  • High recovery in sea water RO (over 50% in red seawater condition)
  • Introduction and commercialization of direct seawater irrigation to crops
  • Commercialization of Membrane Bio-Reactors (MBR)
  • Introduction and testing of large diameter (18 inch) membranes
  • Chemical free (for pretreatment) SWRO operation.
One of the main future areas that Moya is looking into is the utilization of the Brine water which is discharged from plants. Moya believes that the brine has many high value minerals that can add further value to the industry. 

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