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Press releases

Press release

Jeddah Economic Forum Speaker...

Moya founder is one of the speaker in Jeddah Economic Forum - 2016

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International water summit speaker...

Dr Adil Bushnak is one of the key speakers in International Water Summit 2016.


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Arabnews on self sustainability model...

Adil Bushnak, who is among the founders of the International Desalination Association (IDA) and chairman of Moya Bushnak, was the organizer of 10th Saudi Water and Power Forum (SWPF) with the Ministry of Water and Electricity. He is credited with being one of the ideologues of the forum, which was started in 2004 to achieve sustained growth in the Kingdom’s water and power sector.
Bushnak, who also served as the first Arab president of IDA, spoke to Arab News in ...
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Moya in SWPF-2015...

Dr. Adil Bushnak, SWPF President along with Eng Abdullah Alhussayen, Minister of Water and Electricity, Eng Waleed Alkheriji, Minister of Agriculture, Dr. Abdullah Alshihri, Governor, Electricity & CoGeneration Regulatory Authority, Dr. Abdul Rahman AlIbrahim, Governor, Saline Water Conversion Corporation, Dr. Saleh Alawaji, chairman of the board of directors, Saudi Electricity company, and Eng Loay AlMusallam, CEO of the National Water Company and other Moya...
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Moya in Arabnews...

Riyadh Governor Prince Turki bin Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz, accompanied by Water and Electricity Minister Abdullah AlHussayen,opened the 10th Saudi Water and Power Forum (SWPF 2015) hereon Monday night. The forum is being organized by the CWC Group, a technology oriented, engineering, operation and maintenance company, in partnership with Moya Bushnak and Acwa power. The minister was joined in the inaugural ceremony by Adil Bushnak, chairman of Moya ...
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Arabnews on ATEICO...

ATEICO, a division of Bushnak Group, has honored Dr. Adil Bushnak and Faisal Bushnak on completion of 31 years of professional relationship.  The celebrations were held at The Hilton and were attended by prominent members of the business community.
ATEICO General Manager Riaz Mulla welcomed the guests and invitees. 

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Jeddah Economic Gateway...

News about honouring Dr. Adil Bushnak in Jeddah Economic Gateway.

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A9 media interview with Moya founder...

Moya founder Dr. Adil's interview on A9 media.

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DME advisory board...

Moya Founder Dr. Adil Bushnak is a DME advisory board member.


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Moya in SWPF-2013, albawaba...

The three-day forum is being held in partnership with the Saudi Ministry of Water & Electricity.

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Water world top 25...

Dr. Adil Bushnak was one of the top 25 water industry's high fliers


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KAUST Water Symposium...

Moya founder Dr. Adil Bushnak was one of the key speaker in the Water symposium which was a part of the United Nations International Year of Water Cooperation,

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MILE Interview...

Leadership Development | Interview with Dr. Adil A. Bushnak Chairman Bushnak Group | MILE Corner

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Moya founder in Gulf Water Conference, Doha (The national, UAE)...

DOHA // Within decades, solar-powered desalination plants will be the only way for the GCC to sustainably produce water, an expert said yesterday.

Current desalination systems are expensive and inefficient, and might last only another 30 years in the Gulf, said Dr Adil Bushnak, the chairman of Bushnak Group, a desalination company in Saudi Arabia.

"But after that we cannot continue the same way we are doing now," Dr Bushnak s...
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Global Arab Nework...

Dr Adil on Global Arab Nework


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